Red Rockets

  • Age 3-4
  • 6 kids per group
  • Racquet size 19-21 inches
  • Technical skills needed- Balance, Throwing, Catching, Tracking
  • Equipment- modified balls, round colored markers

This group is the starting point of my specialist tennis program for preschoolers. They will have a number of hands-on activities for each lesson. The skill level is minimized somewhat. There is increased team/solo involvement for social behavioral understanding and management.

Each child will receive a certificate reflecting attendance and achievement.

Candy Crayons

  • Age 4-5
  • Technical skills needed: Balance, Striking, Catching, Tracking
  • Racquet size 19-21 inches

This group involves some familiar games & challenge activities (as in Red Rockets group) to familiarize themselves with a different stage.

Students will develop their knowledge & the skill needed to be able to transfer & adapt what they have learnt in a game or movement activity.

ANZ Hot shots descriptions

Red Ball

  • Stage 1 ,2, 3
  • Age 5-8
  • Racquet Size 21-23 inches

These groups will experience a wide range of new & familiar games/activities. They will be performing more complex stroke movements. There will be more development in fundamental motor skills. As each player progresses through the Red stages they begin to gauge ball height, speed, & depth.

Group Goal: students should be able to rally co-operatively.

Orange Ball

  • Age 8-10
  • Racquet Size 23-25 inches
  • Ball Compression: (50 % compression)
  • Lesson Dynamic: Technical Drill/Analysis Work , Game Based Activity

This group involves using a bigger court size 6.4m x 18.29m. Students will be taught new skills/drills.  Also at this age they are starting to become more self aware & start comparing to others.

Green Ball

  • Stage 1 & 2
  • Age 9-12
  • Racquet Size: 26-Full Size
  • Lesson Dynamic Tactical Instruction ,Footwork Agility,  Technical Instruction, Singles & Doubles Match Play ,

Players will work on rallies with depth & Angle, Also will be involved with Tactical match focus to simulate them playing the game with a better understanding of how a point created. This Group will Involve bigger bouncer ball . Green balls are (75 Percent Compression) . The game of tennis is now moved over to a full size court.

Junior performance

  • Age:12-18

At the level students range from Beginner to Intermediate. During there session they will focus on smooth progressions on Forehand, Backhand ,Volleys ,Smash  & serve .

Squad Performance

  • age:6-18
  • Racquet Size: 23-Full Size

At this level Student Range from Intermediate to Advanced. During there session there will be less focus on technic & more on tactics of the game incorporating these new information so they can become responsive & adaptable during a match

Hitting partner 

This program is for elite juniors & Adults wanting to work on a  specific part or there tennis. The coach will now olginase the specific activity then will help improve consistency and accuracy. Please note that no technical support will be offered during this time

Adult Categories

  • Private – In this lesson The coaching working directly with the player. Creating a specialist program for He/She  will improve Technical element = how to do the stroke/activity & Tactical elements = Why this relates to tennis specifically.
  • (Level 1) New to tennis – In this group the coach will explain & demonstrate, Hitting Activities and Movement skills . Basic Stroke Fundamentals.
  • (Level 2) – If you have played tennis before and your are thinking to tidy up your game. Then this the group for you, Included in this group will be increased technical stroke instruction Co-op rallies with partner, Reading ball path & player movement ,Changing gears
  • Ladies leisure – In this Group  it will be a fun mixture of social cardio activities on the court with point play situations. Also Singles & doubles match ups