About Us

About Us

Perfect Placement tennis coaching delivers specialised tennis programs for all abilities and age groups.  Qualified coach Stephen Mitterdorfer (Tennis Australia JDC – Junior Development Coach) presents all lessons. All lessons are coordinated to link in to each other progressively, gradually building up understanding through specialised activities.



About Me:

I started to learn and play the game of tennis when I was in primary school locally at Highfield within Lindfield. After that I continued to play at Sacred Heart Catholic school (formally known as Mt. Saint Bernard Public School) on a more regular basis. When I reached high school, I played competitively for Lane Cove MAD tennis. I play social tennis over most weekends, as well as playing with family and friends.

My Coaching Philosophy

My primary coaching focus is for each individual and group of students to be actively participating and involving themselves in a positive and energetic tennis session. I believe it is important to specifically design each lesson plan taking into account students’ ages, skill levels and unique needs. I also highly value the importance of clear communication in my sessions and understand that students learn in diverse ways. Therefore, in my coaching sessions I begin with a visual and verbal demonstration before offering a kinetic prompt.

My Message

Tennis has been a strong passion of mine for many years now. I strive for coaching sessions to pass on only as much information as learners can accept. While lesson progression is important, understanding each component will lead to more consistent shot making.

The Court

This tennis court was originally a clay surface, with the first resurfacing happening in 1998. Since this time, there has been a lot of tennis played on it and in mid 2014 the second resurfacing began.